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 Warriors at Heart Forums!!! Needs staff!

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PostSubject: Warriors at Heart Forums!!! Needs staff!    Wed Jul 04, 2012 9:14 pm

I made this forum website called Warriors at Heart. Here everything is based on warriors. I'm looking for staff members to help me out on the site. Just make an account, fill out the form and post it here. Note: The website isn't fully put together yet so i'll let you guys know when it's tottally up and running.
If you don't get a spot in the staff come on in and join anyway.

Job Form:
[color=#00FF00][b]Username on CS:
Username on the forums:
Are you over 13:
Why do you want to be part of this site:
What would you do if someone posted an innapropriate word?[/b][/color]

Head Admin.
- ~FireheartForever~ (~FireheartForever~)

Assistant Admins.
- ladybug5 (user on CS) (Flamestar)

Global Mods.

Role-play Mods.
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Warriors at Heart Forums!!! Needs staff!
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