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 Site Rules (Read before Posting!)

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PostSubject: Site Rules (Read before Posting!)   Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:01 pm

Thank you for taking Interest and joining TRPW please take this time to read some of the site rules

1. No cursing.

2. Be nice,I find this odd because some people need to be reminded of this rule

3. Do not harass other members to join a certain role-play Everyone has different interests

4. Post in the right place Nobody wants to be confused by this

5. Using Proper Grammar Capitalization, periods, commas, complete sentences, etc, are a big must.

6. Stay Active.

7. Don't carry on personal conversations in a post. Just PM each other, okay? Try and keep spam off of the site so we will have more room to role-play in

8. No "Rolling" Conversations Do not stretch out conversations by making a hole post just to say "Yeah" or "I know, right?" or "Okay" or anything like that. Okay?

9. No Advertising in PM

10. This is a Child Friendly Site So no R rated role-plays/stories/art, but i will allow PG-13 Role-plays to be used.

Thanks for reading this and i hope your role-playing wishes will come true!
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Site Rules (Read before Posting!)
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